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This mini site tests several proof of concept extensions and hacks i refer to as jac-hacks. They are by no means ready for others to use. They are hacked together and could have more security concerns than it's worth. But maybe you gain some inspiration.

Image selector

An image selector browser that appears when a yellow image tag includes an image name for a file that does not exist in the media gallery. Maybe the file has not been uploaded yet; or, I spelled the name wrong; or, I moved the file. Or some other reason.

My main reason is that i like to type the text first and organize the photos later. So I can just put in dummy names for the files and easily select them after they have been loaded and organized into my images folder. You can try it out live on this site, but you'll need a password as discussed below.

The default behavior in yellow is to show a broken image link. So I created some jac-hacks to show a "missing image" image instead. Also, if you are logged in, then the missing image image is a clickable link to start up the media image browser and select an image to use in your final image tag.

Site Passwords or restrictions.

There are several restriction and password types of extensions available for yellow. I wanted something a little different.
My main desire was not having to put meta or variables on content pages. That means writing extensions of sorts. Also I am not interested in having member/users editing or creating pages. It is just me; and, I am the primary audience as well. That means reserving the yellow edit extension for only myself.

This site has 2 variations of proof concept. This demo uses both of them.

  • One is to have public site, but allow known associates to comment on posts.
  • The second type is to hide sections of the site from anyone except known associates.

Restrictions to page access.

Except for this landing page AND THE BLOG PAGES, this demo site is password protected. You won't be able to view other pages until you have entered the correct password. These are NOT yellow editor users. These are read only or limited permissions to read a page or enter a comment, or upload an image. This password is provided to my known group of people I want to have access. On this demo site the password is h-a-p-p-y-d-a-y-s WITHOUT the dashes. You will need that to view the photo browser pages and upload images.

Restrictions to entering comments on posts.

I use the wonderful works out of the box yellow-comment extension on the BLOG POST pages on this site. That system does not have a user authorization system. It does have extensive features, including email notifications and verifications. Well, I jac-hacked it and took out the email capabilities.

Instead of the form asking for email, the hacked form asks for a password. If you enter a wrong password, then your comment does not get accepted. This is a *one-off password entry. You need to enter it every time you want to post a comment.*

You are not logged into the site with any additional features. For this test site, right now, the COMMENT password is h-a-p-p-y-t-h-o-u-g-h-t-s WITHOUT the dashes. If that does not work, I probably changed it and you can contact me. YOU CAN SEE IT ACTIVATED ON THE Bottom of each individual BLOG PAGES.

The password is hashed and hardcoded in the comment extension onload event. When the form is processed, check the entered hashed password against the one you set in your onload event.

Should move as common option to jacprotect extension.