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Ever Seen One of These

2013 September 22,john

The puppy street is right down the block from us. We get to see all kinds of cute every day when we walk down the street.

Thinking Statistically

2013 June 29,johnnydee

[linkiframeAmazon asins=1481173502]

Thinking Statistically by Uri Bram

This was an easy quick read. Read it complete on the train in two hours. If you ever had a statistics class, then read it. My statistics was so long ago, but the book was still easy to grasp. It is not a in depth review of mathematics of statistics, but puts the concepts back in your head.


1995 May 28,john

I have taken up a new hobby. I was in a taxi late at night. My window was open enjoying the rush of air from the swerving, speeding, stop and go ride up and down the hills of TAEGU. The cab stopped at a red light. Two young women were standing on the sidewalk next to my window. They said "HELLO MISTER". I said "AN-YONG-HA-SAE-YO". They giggled, and we all had exhausted our language abilities; so they said "Hello MISTER", and I said "HELLO" again.