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Just some note taking on books I am currently reading.  These are not reviews or interesting stories.  These are just notes from the texts.  If something interesting turns up I will put it in the blog.

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Doing Mathematics

2013 August 01,john

Started reading this blog: Doing Mathematics by Bryan Meyer. The post there has an interesting link to his research and book. You can buy the book or read it online. He also has a link to pdf of a 1994 paper "Mathematics Teaching: Moving From Telling to Listening" by Brent A. Davis.

The Stone Monkey: An Alternative, Chinese-Scientific, Reality

Read this book back in 1982. Found an old copy this week. Will give it another shot.

The book seems to get a strange spectrum of reviews from love it to hate it. Can't seem to find much else about it online.

I do remember from 30 years ago being fascinated with some of the insights. The possibility that Cadillacs replaced dinosaurs, and other such imagery.

Thinking Statistically

2013 June 29,johnnydee

Thinking Statistically by Uri Bram

This was an easy quick read. Read it complete on the train in two hours. If you ever had a statistics class, then read it. My statistics was so long ago, but the book was still easy to grasp. It is not a in depth review of mathematics of statistics, but puts the concepts back in your head.

The Joy of X, A guided Tour of Math, from One to Infinity by Steven Strogatz.

Found this book by accident. An interesting and easy read. So far through a couple chapters and it has been a good review in how to think mathematically without too much reliance on equations.