Good Neighbors

1990 May 20

CAUTION: THIS PAGE STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS!!! I have no idea what I was trying to do with this draft page back in the 1990's just after my [[stories.mary_and_anne|trip to the great wall in china]]. I leave it here, until I figure it out and re-write it. Surely must have been profound...!

This is a little silly, but I enjoyed pondering it. I think if you follow the steps, you can have a good pondering too!


Read the following Poem by Robert Frost. Best to read it slow and leisurely like the two friends who are walking along the wall. Imagine yourself walking along with them...seeing what they see...take time to feel your steps and thoughts..take time to do what they are doing. When you are done come back to this page.

[[|Mending Wall by Robert Frost]]


Read the following notes of an idea I recently had on a bus..... When you are done come back to this page. [[NO IDEA WHAT I WANTED FOR STEP 2]] STEP 2!!!!!


Repeat step 1...but this time make sure you read, think, see, talk, walk, and lift as if the wall is now the place described in step 2, and you are one of the people described in step 2.

Well, hope you had fun!

John Del Ferro /Taegu,Korea/20MAY97