These sites are considered "proof of concept". I am an untrained hobbyist who likes doing this instead of playing golf. I am the guy at mini-golf who loves to try every shot by seeing how many times I can ricochet the ball on the green and still get close to the hole. I have no desire to learn how to putt properly.

My audience is myself! Be real, no one is coming to visit these pages. And that is my intention.

Not selling, not promoting, not advocating to do things in any way similar to the way I did them.

My way is sloppy, cut and paste, sledge-hammered, and un-informed.

If you find the ideas or strategies interesting you are free to use any of it, any time, any where, at your own risk.

But be forewarned, the code is likely non-standard and bastardized any intent the original developers may have had for how to use their particular software that I implemented within this site.

Feel free to contact me below and visit the jacmgr Notes and Documentation

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