Re-starting the blog

2022 July 06,John

Welcome Back 2022

OK. 5 years later and gonna try again. lots to fix before the site works with current php and servers.

Still using phile 1.7.1 with my own bastardizations.

Hope to use this as a log of our cross country drive in the middle of July.

Re-starting the blog

2017 March 28,John

Welcome Back

Seems like I like playing with the blog software more than actually writing blog posts. The blog has been updated to phileCMS vdr 1.7.1.

Trip to TongYeong

2014 May 30,John

Trip to TongYeong City

We took a 3 day, 2 night trip down to the southern tip of Korea and the city of TongYeong. Just Hyonmi and I. We took the express bus from Seoul. It was a 4 hour bus ride.

Dinner at VIPS

2014 March 09,john

Hyonmi's sister took me out to dinner at VIPS today. For my birthday this month. She's a great sister in law and a lot of fun to go out with.

VIPS is a famaous chain steakhous in Korea.