2013 June 16

I am using to study the Mathematics 0061 content.

The Domains are:

1. Algebra and Number Theory

Competency 1 Algebra and Number Theory

  • 1.1 Demonstrate an understanding of the structure of the natural, integer, rational, real, and complex number systems and the ability to perform basic operations (5, 2, 3, and 4) on numbers in these systems
  • 1.2 Compare and contrast properties (e.g., closure, commutativity, associativity, distributivity) of number systems under various operations
  • 1.3 Demonstrate an understanding of the properties of counting numbers
  • 1.4 Solve ratio, proportion, percent, and average problems
  • 1.5 Work with algebraic expressions, formulas, and equations; polynomials; algebraic fractions; operations involving complex numbers, radicals, and exponents
  • 1.6 Solve and graph systems of equations and inequalities
  • 1.7 Interpret algebraic principles geometrically
  • 1.8 Recognize and use algebraic representations of lines, planes, conic sections, and spheres
  • 1.9 Solve problems in two and three dimensions

II. Measurement, Geometry, and Trigonometry




VI. History and Nature of Science...Social Perspective